UK Manufacturers

Infrastructure Product Approvals / Homologation may take considerable time and effort to achieve. What actually needs approval? How do you find out? What is a "PADS number"?    There are so many things to look out for that may be a drain on your time and resources. Time and resources that could be better spent on other matters for your company This is why Prime Rail Solutions was created.  Let us take out the pain of you having to do this yourself.

Our services to UK manufacturers

  • Formulating and progressing approval applications on behalf of manufacturers, through to certification by Network Rail, Transport for London, light rail, etc.


  • Gathering of market intelligence to understand opportunities and threats.


  • Acting as your appointed distributor to rail administrations in the UK


  • Progressing ‘Approved Supplier’ qualification for Network Rail, TfL and others


  • Export sales – progress technical approval / Homologation with railway infrastructure authorities to enable use of products on non-UK rail Networks. France (SNCF), Holland (ProRail), Belgium (Infrabel), Germany (EBA and DB), Turkey (TCDD) etc, etc.


  • Progressing ‘Approved Supplier’ qualification as required by individual railway administrations.


  • For target countries; Identification of potential distributors, development and liaison as per customer requirements.


  • Developing long term relationships with distributors.


Please contact Prime Rail Solutions with your Product Acceptance / Homologation requirements.