GRP Anti Trespass Panels now in use at Obstacle Detector sites

December 2017 saw the upgrade of Chettisham level crossing near Ely. In conjunction with the installation of Obstacle detectors, Network Rail also took the opportunity to install GRP Anti Trespass Panels.

The decision to use the HR Kilns Anti Trespass Panels was taken, amongst other reasons, for the ability to prevent weed growth through or on the panels – a key requirement at Obstacle Detector sites to prevent false activations by vegetation.

This skew crossing required the Anti Trespass Panels to be fitted at an angle either side of the crossing involving cutting around barrier pedestals, concrete crossing panels and edge beams, as well as level crossing deflector plates.  Being simple to cut – with no subsequent fumes or smoke – is also another reason to chose GRP Anti Trespass Panels.

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