A world first for Fire Retardant Anti Trespass Panels

Work at Ashstead Level crossing, near Epsom in Surrey involved removing the lineside derelict brick building adjacent to the present crossing, installing a new building for the equipment and replacing the barrier machines, booms and electric circuits.

 However, the weekend of 16th / 17th June saw the completion of the level crossing surface renewal.  Also ,the installation of fire retardant Anti Trespass Panels for the first time on Network Rail infrastructure.  Ady Lavin, Off Track Section Manager, Network Rail oversaw the renewal of the Strail level crossing whilst Keir Construction installed the fire retardant anti trespass panels – the first on Network Rail and possibly the world !!

No other proprietary anti trespass systems for rail use are known to exist – in the world…… unless someone can tell us differently.

 The HR Kilns Ltd fire retardant anti trespass panels were chosen by Network Rail to overcome manual handling difficulties involved with other systems on the market,  the lightweight panels are easy to handle ergonomically and particularly of interest was the ability of Network Rail to install these panels knowing that they will not catch fire, either directly or indirectly, compared to other products.  The use of DC power supplies to trains means that arcing occurs between the train pick up shoe and the conductor rails, causing sparks and possible fire risks.

 Fire Retardant anti trespass panels are normally available ex-stock from HR Kilns Ltd

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